The Millionaire Bucket List

You want to become a millionaire, right? Imagine having financial freedom at last, being able to travel where you want when you want and to just stop worrying about paying the bills at the end of the month. But, before you reach that goal, you have to add a few things to your bucket list. These are steps you have to take in order to start your journey towards your first million.

The Millionaire Bucket List #1: Invest in Yourself

You do not necessarily need a University degree to become a millionaire. But, you do need to invest in your mind. Learn how to set up a business and especially focus on how to run a business successfully. Speak to other entrepreneurs, attend seminars, webinars and related entrepreneurial events. Invest in a business mentor and take courses on your field of interest. Never ever stop learning.

The Millionaire Bucket List #2: Your Goals

Set measurable goals and write them down. Review them daily and ensure that you do at least one thing per day to bring you closer to your ultimate goal – your first million. Hold yourself accountable on a daily basis or you may even ask somebody else about your dream and to hold you accountable.

The Millionaire Bucket List #3: Rags to Riches

Stop working to make everybody rich but yourself. Start a business of your own. A good idea is to start a part time business while you are still earning a paycheck. This way you start smaller, but the risk is also very low and you still earn an income. At the same time, you start learning the ropes of running a business.

The Millionaire Bucket List #4: Multiple Streams of Income

Truly wealthy people are not dependent on one single stream of income. You have to start generating multiple streams of income and this can be done through your business, investments, property investments and even a blog or online business.

The Millionaire Bucket List #5: Read and Think BIG

Gain as much knowledge as possible. Become an expert in your field and stay not only current, but ahead of other experts in your field. Think big. Aim for ten million instead of one million. But, be sure to measure your goals and reevaluate your journey on a regular basis so that you can adapt your strategy when necessary.

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