“5 Ways to Simplify your Life NOW”

We need to simplify our lives in order to get balance, freedom and joy. You may feel overwhelmed by life, because the pace is getting you down or you just try to juggle too many balls at once. An excellent way to simplify your life, is to compartmentalize. Divide your life into segments and then determine what you can do in each segment to get rid of clutter and white noise.

Ways to Simplify your Life NOW #1: Goals

If you have multiple goals running at the same time, reduce them to one or two important goals. By reducing your number of goals, you will be able to focus better and your success rate will increase. When you reach one goal, add another. This way you will keep on track and energized to move forward.

Ways to Simplify your Life NOW #2: Time

Time is a very precious commodity. Your days are filled commitments, activities and events. You need to prioritize and select the most important commitments. Discard the others or make an arrangement for someone else to take it over. By simplifying your daily schedule, you will even have precious time for yourself.

Ways to Simplify your Life NOW #3: Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts and emotions mostly manifest when we are feeling down or overwhelmed. When you feel unable to control your life or certain areas of your life, feelings of resentment, bitterness and jealousy may surface. Take a break and make a conscious effort to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. The more you get rid of clutter in your life, the easier it will become to focus on positive thoughts.

Ways to Simplify your Life NOW #4: Possessions

Too many material possessions complicate and clutter our lives. Getting rid of items you do not need will create more space and create a more friendly environment. Non-essentials get in the way and take the focus from the pieces you treasure. Open, uncluttered space also does wonders for the mind.

Ways to Simplify your Life NOW #5: Connections

Relationships, friendships and other connections with meaningful others in your life is precious, but you need to spend some time with YOU as well. Put your social media connections on the back seat for a while, fade out distractions you do not need and make time for yourself and your loved ones …

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