​ The Secret to a Successful Presentation

Do you have the necessary skills to hold the attention of your audience? Does your audience hang on every word you speak? What do you need to keep in mind when giving a presentation? Listed below are proven and easy to apply tips to help you hone your presentation skills.
The Secret to a Successful Presentation #1: Easy to Understand

Successful presentations are easy to understand, free of jargon, buzzwords and complexity. You want to capture the attention of your audience and not confuse them. Avoid long, windy sentences and concentrate on providing your audience with information they will remember. Consider the one big idea you want people to take away from your presentation and focus on getting that message across in easily understandable language.

The Secret to a Successful Presentation #2: Make it Memorable

No matter how great your idea is, if your audience can’t remember or recall your idea, your presentation did not work. An interesting fact is that neuro scientists discovered that the human mind can consume three to seven points in its short term memory at a time, but not more. Three seems to be magic number, so divide your presentation in three parts, discuss three benefits or talk about three action steps. Your audience will find that a great deal easier to remember.

The Secret to a Successful Presentation #3: Emotional Component

Analytical data and evidence is necessary in a presentation, but the emotional component of a presentation moves an audience to action. Never underestimate the power of a story – people love to listen to stories and what’s more, they remember them. Rather than drowning your audience in mountains of analytical data which they will forget, tell them a story to get your message across. If you are able to make an emotional connection with your audience, your presentation is successful …. .


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