​How to Form Good Habits to Change your Life

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

Making positive life changes are not as hard as we may think. Every person is different, so we all have different choices to make at different times. Anything that will improve your life is a positive life change. Take stock of your life today and use these proven tips to bring about the positive changes you desire.

Form Good Habits to Change your Life #1: Positive thinking

Positive thinking forms the basis 

of positive change. If you do not have positive thinking, you may as well stop right there. A positive mindset will get you on the road to changing your life. Negative thoughts drain your energy and prevents success. Substitute your negative thoughts with positive thoughts and become aware of positive things around you and in your life.

Form Good Habits to Change your Life #2: Single-tasking

Single-tasking is the opposite of multitasking and proves to be much more effective and productive. By starting to focus on a single task, you will be less stressed, less frustrated and eventually more productive. A life-changing, positive decision to make is to live in the moment. Focus on what you do now and just experience the difference.

Form Good Habits to Change your Life #3: Your Goal

Focus on one goal at a time. If you want to substitute a bad habit with a good habit, first get rid of the triggers for the bad habit, then focus on the new, good habit you wish to cultivate. Focus on one goal. When you have reached your goal, set another one. Your success rate will soar and you will achieve the goals you set.

Form Good Habits to Change your Life #4: Simplify

Simplify your life, get rid of the non-essential and you will greatly reduce your stress levels. In order to eliminate non-essentials, you first have to identify what is truly essential. Then eliminate the rest. In doing so, you will have more space, time and freedom to do what you really love.

Form Good Habits to Change your Life #5: Develop Good Habits

Develop good habits:

    For 30 days, focus on ONE habit or goal

    Write your goal down, stating motivation and possible obstacles as well as strategies to overcome the obstacles

    Commit fully and hold yourself accountable

    Log your progress daily

    If you slip, acknowledge it and get going again

It would also help to get people close to you to support you. As soon as the good habit is established, start on the next one.





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