​How to face Entrepreneur Hurdles: Mental Obstacles

Although the eventual rewards are usually worthwhile, entrepreneurs have to face numerous hurdles on their journey. Starting a business takes guts, hard work and strong perseverance. External challenges like funding, sales, technology or coding are not the biggest. Instead, internal challenges like stress, fear and self-doubt cause entrepreneurs to fail.

Entrepreneur Hurdles: Mental Obstacles #1: Are you an entrepreneur?

First of all, there are many definitions of entrepreneur floating around, most of them doing entrepreneurs a disservice. A big mistake is to put an entrepreneur in a box by defining what he or she should be. Many people cling to those definitions and if they are not able to tick off all the boxes, they think that they do not have what it takes to start a business. Do not limit yourself by setting borders for your greatness and talent.

Entrepreneur Hurdles: Mental Obstacles #2: Will you succeed?

You can either believe that you will fail or fight failure. This is a mental issue and you have to change your mindset from negative to positive if you want to reach your goals and achieve success. Readjust your beliefs and set measurable goals. Be realistic, but do not look for potholes all the time and end up missing the flowers.

Entrepreneur Hurdles: Mental Obstacles #3: Your Personal Worth

Never underestimate your personal worth. Entrepreneurs often sell themselves short and set their goals too low. This is not about greed, but you do deserve what you are working for. Profits are what will make you wealthy and it does not have to be gained by taking advantage of people. You are running a business and people are paying you for what they need.

Entrepreneur Hurdles: Mental Obstacles #4: Sales

Will you be able to succeed as an entrepreneur even though you are not a salesperson? The answer is YES. Marketing and sales are important, but are not essential to entrepreneurial success. So, what do you do if you do not sell? Stay passionate, become an expert and build your personal brand. Network and form good partnerships – find a co-creator or business partner with exceptional sales skills.

Entrepreneur Hurdles: Mental Obstacles #5: Leadership

Do not focus on definitions of leadership and set up a mental hurdle for yourself. You have to realize that you are on a journey, an entrepreneurial journey. You will lead your team automatically if you stay passionate about your business, want to provide excellent service and pay attention to customer needs .. .


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