​How to rebuild your Brand after a PR Fiasco

Bad PR can do a huge amount of damage to your brand. It could be the result of a mistake on your part or due to the failure of one of your products. Either way, the situation can be rectified if handled with care. You can fix the PR damage that was done by staying calm and managing the situation in a respectable manner. Listed below are proven tips to show you how to rebuild your brand after a PR disaster.

Rebuild your Brand after a PR Fiasco #1: Stay Calm

Stay calm before you react and do not panic. Hasty decisions may lead to more damage being done. Step back, assess the situation and explore your options for dealing with the problem. A good option may be to get another perspective on the matter from a person you trust and an even better option is to contact a professional to help you deal with the PR nightmare.

Rebuild your Brand after a PR Fiasco #2: Prevention is better than Cure

Be Proactive, rather than having to try and clear up a mess later. If you are aware of a problem regarding one of your products, rather rectify the situation if it is at all possible for you to do so before something bad happens. Never try to hide an issue. It will not just go away. If you can fix something, do it sooner rather than later.

Rebuild your Brand after a PR Fiasco #3: Admit a Mistake

When the PR disaster is the result of a faulty product, admit the mistake. Whatever happened, own up, even though it may have been an accident and nobody saw it coming. You will gain more trust and respect if you are honest about the matter and do not try to make excuses or try to  swipe the problem under the rug.

Rebuild your Brand after a PR Fiasco #4: Your Solution

After a public PR fiasco, you need to make amends and offer a solution to the problem. If, for instance, a product has some or other manufacturing defect causing a problem for the user, you have to offer a refund or replacement. Post regular updates and information on your website, keeping your customers up to date and informed until the problem is solved.

Rebuild your Brand after a PR Fiasco #5: Keep your Promise

Determine how the problem will best be solved, set a tentative timetable for the process and keep your customers informed on your progress. Follow through on your promise and earn the trust of your customers. You can overcome bad press, but it will take a concerted effort on your part


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