​5 Reasons why you need a Content Strategy

Posting content just for the sake of posting is long gone. So are the days where you could update your website every few months. Content is king and you have to execute a well designed strategy when posting and publishing content. Your content strategy will guide your company’s content marketing efforts for the best results possible.

Why you need a Content Strategy #1: Content is King

Content drives everything and is more important than ever before. Your marketing strategy should have content as its centerpiece and driving force. Content that is informative, interesting and educational attracts visitors. These visitors share your content and your audience grows. More visitors lead to more conversions.

Why you need a Content Strategy #2: What and WHY you Post

However difficult it may to believe, WHAT you post is not as important as WHY you post. Find the purpose that inspires to do what you do. When you know WHY you do it, creating exceptional content is much easier. Your WHY establishes value and should be the drive behind all your future content.

Why you need a Content Strategy #3: Goldfish Society

People are turning into goldfish. The average human attention span has dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. Actually, this is 1 second less than the attention span of a goldfish. Keeping the goldfish syndrome in mind, you have to devise ways to keep your customers’ attention. Content strategy leads to higher quality content, which leads to more visits, likes, shares and conversions.

Why you need a Content Strategy #4: Tell a story

Tell the story of your business. The majority of people like reading this type of content  – real life stories. Through your content, tell people what your brand is all about – this will lead to more trust and loyalty. But, you have to be able to back your statements up with proof. You can go one step further and write emotional content, that includes stories about your employees and customers. This way you will get more shares and your audience will grow.

Why you need a Content Strategy #5: Make a Profit

You will make a bigger profit if you create content for the top, middle and bottom of your sales funnel. Walk the buyer’s journey with your content and focus on their needs as they move closer to making a purchase. Example:

    Top of Funnel: Awareness – A person becomes aware of your brand and /or the need of your product or service.

    Middle of Funnel: Evaluation – That person is trying to determine if your product or service will serve his need

    Bottom of Funnel: Purchase – They are convinced and make the purchase

Content that targets these stages have a much bigger chance of conversions …


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